CHARCTER_PaulThe prodigal son in search of truth and the true American story. Paul is a gifted and published visual artist in his own right. He is allowed to live his rebellious carefree life because of a trust fund. He deeply shares his grandfather’s love of story and motorcycles. Paul is a quiet, often lonely drifter with dearfriends he has met on his travels.

CHARCTER_Caleis the serious other son. Cale has an amazing mind inclined toward business and fast living. He has a pragmatic sensibility that guides his humor, love life and busi-ness decisions. Cale is not a good date for your little sister, but would make the best trial lawyer you could get in time of need.

CHARCTER_NilsThe most gifted illustrator in Dresher’s. To describe him as a typical artist is to miss the point. He rebels against growing up which causes him difficulties at work and at home. He is the lead illustrator for Dresher’s Schnippi character who is Nils best friend.

CHARCTER_liz&anneThe two newest interns at Dresher’s couldn’t be more opposite. LIZ is a kick boxing beauty with an eye toward success. ANNE is an overly smart, non-athletic nerd with a wicked sense of confidence and humor. Liz a blonde American starlet and Anne, a Korean-American pistol.

CHARCTER_BernieGrandpa Dresher’s only son. Bernie has handled the business of Dresher’s since his Dad’s retirement. Never a fan of comics, he just considers them a Dresher’s product line and nothing more. Bernie is a pilot, hunter and outdoorsman. A good but pragmatic man after life-long conflicts with his own child-like father.

CHARCTER_KatieThe office manager of Dresher’s. She is most often stuck with the job of herding cats. Like a tour manager for a reggae band, she has to keep to deadlines and the tough job of operating a business in the skids. She has a great sense of loyalty and is smart enough to know that her job rarely calls for black and white decisions. She’s cool but has the sucky job of being the adult in a business of childlike artists.