with the antagonist – like in many good comic books. A villain is trying to take over the world. Here, CALE is trying to take over the world of Dresher’s. The arc for the first five mini episodes gets us through 30 minutes of dramatic action and follows the first assault of the antagonist, CALE.


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to transition Dresher’s from old school adventure comics to the sex, guns and gaming of mainstream comics today. Two problems stand in Cale’s way: getting his hands on a legendary lost comic that could bring new interest to an old comic favorite in the worst way, and getting to his brother Paul before he is able foil the transition. The core staff remains clueless about Grandpa Dresher’s death, they secretly unite to uncover what Cale is up to and find Paul. Meanwhile Paul is living a real-life comic book adventure on an old Indian burial ground. Cale is just about to finalize Dresher’s transition into a lean-mean commercial machine when everyone finds out the majority control of Dresher’s has been willed to Paul and not his father Bernie.

The season ends with Paul reluctantly being called back to the modern world, but not before his Indian adventure finds him held captive by a renegade band of the most unlikely comic book fans.

The dramatic conflict pits art vs. commerce or idealism vs. realism.